Locating a Christian Easter Egg at 33rpm (vinyl + Commodore 64 + hidden message from 1984 (÷ top sleuth work) = quirky, nostalgic heaven)

Not every secret hidden message smuggled onto vinyl records in the 1980s was of a Satanic nature. One band, Prodigal, snuck a Commodore 64 programme into the run-out groove.

You have to admire both the band and the dedicated C64 aficionado shown in the video at the link for his dedication and persistence in locating, transferring and transfiguring the Basic machine code in order to take him and all viewers back to a familiar world best summed up by the immortal commands 10 PRINT and RUN.

Watching the video by Polygon.com reminded me of trying to play an Aphex Twin release with a double groove at the start of one side: problematic but worthwhile, eventually.


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