Comedy meets fascism: the struggle of Jamali Maddix and Vice in exposing extremism

Essex native Jamali Maddix keeps it real in his own way. He is a comedian of mixed-race heritage who mines the absurdity of various extremist groups through interaction and relatively gentle but persistent conversation. He's a large, affable guy with a bushy beard and a tat on show. Posted Insta pics show a lager in one hand, a vaping device in the other. Both his 'Hate Your Neighbour' series for Vice and his stand-up sets are garnering him fame throughout the UK, Europe and the States. 

I love a ‘soul freak’ called Elton John. Do you?

The chances of another quintessentially English yet globally popular; effortlessly camp and permanent favourite of mums the world over; cracking pianist, footie lover and spot-on liberal emerging in the near future - in the same cutely funky package are unlikely to say the least. Therefore there is all the more reason to celebrate Elton John in every which way possible.  

Introduction to Caveman

Nowadays they’re barely a footnote in any Hip Hop history, but Caveman left us with good memories of a relatively brief yet still refreshing time in music when producers and rappers could look where they liked for inspiration, pushed an Afro-centric yet English viewpoint and were defiant about doing both.

Bristol, 1991: Carlton releases Love and Pain. Smith & Mighty on production.

Five years later, a 'drum and bass mix' meant something quite different but this qualifies as a roller as much as anything put out by LTJ Bukem on Good Looking. Ten years previously and the likes of Aswad, Pablo Gad and any number of reggae artists were putting out memorable rockers that swayed and and…

Dreamy, Funny and Disturbing in Equal Parts: Quentin and his Birdbox Orchestra

Bagheads, Gougers, Crackheads Galore

  Hey. Why do you keep pacing and switching? Are yer pissed off or summat? It looks like it. Everything working against ya, right? Everyone's a crackhead... ah, I see.   Do you want that though? Are yis happy with it? Does not all that fuckin' rage exhaust you, or does it... fire ya up? Yeah, yeah.…