As well as carving items out of wood in an amateur fashion, ineptly painting portraits and posting shite on this site, I also sell records elsewhere.

Helpfully, that website are rolling out a new beta version which now enables your collection to be shown to anyone perusing that site – and anywhere else.

It’s not the full monty by any means but there’s nearly 1500 titles listed with many of them for sale. Feel free to have a look and a laugh; if you see anything you like, holler back at me (the featured image here is of an LP in there: an English group who do grand funk versions of ‘Spinning Wheel’ and ‘Whole Lotta Lovin”) 



Record sale

Asalaam aleikum. Bienvenue. Hola! Hi you, hi all. Here’s the details before the titles:

Pay via PayPal. One copy of each available; check Discogs to see prices higher; 400+ testimonials from Discogs at the bottom of the post.

UK prices: All 10″s,12″s, LPs, comps will cost £3 in P&P (Royal Mail 2nd class) which I’ll add to the total of each tune. 45s: £2

Questions about bulk orders, discounts, shipping overseas, matrices and photos, your wish/want list? Use the contact button at the bottom and I’ll ASAP you.

Review from a customer: 23/10/18


BABY D ‘Casanova 2’ (UK, Production House) Excellent remix by The Prodigy. A side is NM; B1 has a thin ring of wear: VG+ overall. A1 is the only decent mix; the rest are pants, it has to be said. Labels are a little grubby; generic sleeve.




RAVESIGNAL 3 ‘Horsepower’ (Belgium, R&S) Great, varied, crushing four-tracker from Mr Bolland. Vinyl has a slight warp but both sides play fine: VG++. Original sleeve has wear at edges and opening: VG.




DIRECTIONAL FORCE ‘EP’ (Belgium, R&S) Personal copy bought on release after I heard Dave Clarke play this at the Asylum in Seven Dials, Brighton. Vinyl has couple of scuff marks but plays NM on both sides. Original black company sleeve is VG+.




A GUY CALLED GERALDVoodoo Ray’ EP (UK, Rham, 1st pressing) Personal copy bought on release. I’m only selling this as I have another copy. There are minimal clicks at the start of ‘VR’ and some crackle: G+/VG. A2 is NM. B1 is VG+ as is B2. Overall: VG. Labels have BPMs written next to tracks (my bad); original sleeve has spine and edge wear with remains of tape at the top (from the days when I knew no better…): G+. Landmark release.




ORIGINAL ROCKERSPush Push’ (UK, Island) Great release from a group who were passed over from the word go. Excellent release and a excellent album too. ‘Push Push’ has a small jump at the very start, sadly, and a small amount of background static now and then. Other three tracks are decent VG+; VG in total due to A1. Original sleeve has heavy wear on edges and spine: G+.

12″or push



PHUTURE PHANTASY CLUB ‘Slam/Spank Spank’ (UK, Trax) Love N. Jones but prefer other releases so haven’t played this bar the once. Vinyl is NM; sleeve has been in a plastic jacket but has wear near opening: VG+.




JAMES BLAKE ‘CMYK’ EP (Belgium, R&S) Personal copy bought on release. One hairline mark on B side (VG++/NM) but A is NM. Clean labels. Original company sleeve has corner wear but still in great nick.




JAM & SPOON ‘Tales From A Topographic Ocean‘ (Belgium, R&S) Personal copy bought on release. Loved it so much, I hardly played it (strange music lover logic…). Vinyl in great NM shape. Clean labels. Original sleeve has ring and edge wear. Lovely ‘Stella’…




M.L.O.The Garden‘ (Belgium, R&S) Un-played and un-marked – practically Mint (I am very wary of using said status and don’t in general). Clean labels. Original sleeve is VG+/NM.




RAVEN MAIZETogether Forever (remixes)’ (UK, Republic). Joey Negro in full effect. A number of surface marks on the vinyl; A plays VG+ solidly but has a tiny bit of static at the start; B is NM. Original sleeve is VG with bottom edge split.




GAT DECORPassion‘ (Italy, Flying) Personal copy bought on release. A side starts with crackle then plays VG+ throughout. B side: tiny bit of static and a thin ‘pop’ at the start. Original sleeve has bottom edge split and has stickers: G+. Darren Emerson’s finest moment.




SL2Way In My Brain‘ (UK, XL) Vinyl is un-marked on both sides: NM. Found this recently and was amazed at the condition. Slipmatt and Lime do the business over four tracks, rivalling Dego and Marc Mac for their industry and initiative at that time.




?Premier Toons Vol. 10‘ (UK, bootleg) Vinyl and original stickered sleeve are both NM: un-played. All four cuts are quality and stand-out releases at their time – and still now. Probably the only really good volume of the PT series. Bargain basement price!




AphrodisiacYour Love‘ 12″ (1989, Champion Records, UK promo). A is VG/VG+ static. B is VG. From the tail-end of the Eighties, an era of beautiful and enterprising experimentation, the Burrell brothers and the Nu Groove label churned out winners like ‘The Poem’ and this. The dub is the one… 


12″ Aphro


Jazzy DeeGet On Up‘ 12″ (1983, Laurie Records, UK) Vinyl looks VG and dusty as hell but plays VG+. Pure joy pressed into glorious boogie action!


Antony and the JohnsonsI Am A Bird Now‘ LP (2003, Secretly Canadian, SC105LP) Hairline mark on B side but A is immaculate. Personal copy: VG+/NM. Sleeve still taped up in shrink. Inner sleeve is NM. 



Raw SilkDo It To The Music‘ 12″ (1983, West End, UK) Vinyl is NM, personal copy only played once. NM sleeve. Top of the disco-boogie mountain!




De La SoulMe, Myself And I‘ 12″ (1989, Big Life/Tommy Boy, UK). Some surface marks signal it’s been played but it’s NM. Original sleeve has wear in middle of top edge, but the front and back are as fresh as a D.A.I.S.Y. so VG+.


12″De La


David McCallumCommunication‘ 7″ (1966, Capitol, 7″) Vinyl: a few minor marks but nothing serious at all. Both sides play NM. Original generic Capitol sleeve. Deadpan bonkers delivery from the Sapphire and Steel man.




RemarcSound Murderer‘ 12″ x 3 (2003, Planet Mu, UK) Vinyl unplayed – NM! Sleeve is a tad knackered with bit missing at top right-hand corner: VG. Simon Reynolds’ sleeve-notes feel a little OTT but this is a masterful collection of arresting jungle. Not D’n’B: jungle.


LP Rem


LaidbackKeep Smiling‘ LP (1983, Sire, US) ‘White Horse’ is the well-known track but the yacht rock of ‘Fly Away’ ‘plus Don’t Be Mean’ and ‘Slowmotion Girl’  – Phoenix meets M83 – are groovin’ great . Vinyl: NM. Sleeve: VG+




Leroy HutsonLove Oh Love‘ LP (1973, Curtom, US promo) Vinyl: NM on both sides. Great MLK, synth and bass break on B1. Sleeve is VG+/NM. Aural gorgeousness. No copies of this edition currently available on D$%”*gs.




Led ZeppelinII‘ LP (1975, Atlantic, Europe gatefold) Vinyl: VG+/NM. Gatefold sleeve is the same grading as mild corner wear and at bottom of spine.





NasOne Love‘ 12″ (1993, Columbia, US) Vinyl: some minor marks make it look VG/VG+ but plays VG+ to NM. Personal copy, still in shrink and taped up. Original everything! Classic release, epoch of an album, the real rap fan’s hero.




Guns ‘N’ RosesAppetite For Destruction‘ LP (1987, Geffen, UK first pressing) Vinyl: Slight pressing warp on vinyl. G plays fine. R does too but My Michelle jumps for first minute or so. Strict grading standards thus mean this is seen as Fair or Poor. It’s not overall but I’ve gone for what I think is a bargain price. Original inner sleeve is NM. Original outer sleeve with ‘controversial’ artwork is a fine VG+ (crinkles near edges, a little corner wear and minor marks).



Noel Watson presents The 909 Project909 EP Vol. 1‘ 12″ (Fresh 1994, UK). Vinyl: couple of clicks on A1 and 2 but closer to VG+ than VG. Guy was around at the start of acid house (and was linked to the Ladbroke Grove/Asher/Tomato records scene?) and this slept-on twelve – on an admittedly shitty label – shows the depth of his soul.




Jimmy Castor BunchKing Kong‘ 7″ (1975, Atlantic, US) Vinyl: couple of minor marks but plays NM on both sides with no noise or static. Superb fun funk. Plain card sleeve.




Eric B. & RakimMove The Crowd‘ 12″ (1987, 4th & Broadway, UK) Vinyl: marks on vinyl; heavily played, VG-VG+. Crappy pressing which is a shame as The Wild Bunch mix still works as does the original. The sleeve splits and general wear makes me metaphorically weep, but you can’t expect any self-respecting music lover and/or DJ not to take this out and play repeatedly…




Eddie MurphyParty All The Time‘ 12″ (1985, CBS, UK) Vinyl: a little crackle at start but then a solid NM on both sides. As fine – and falsetto! – as Eddie’s voice is, the nasty instrumental from Rick James is the one to go for. The only UK-based copy currently available on D£$&^gs…




V/AACID TRAX VOLUME 2′ (1990, Serious, UK Dble LP) Vinyl is VG to VG+ overall but VG due to mark at start of C4. Numerous small surface marks. Sleeve has a back corner crease, rip at the top on the front: it’s grubby and clearly served its purpose at many a house party: G+. Contains Maurie Joshua‘s crude but musically inventive ‘I Gotta Big Dick‘ and DJ Pierre‘s acid par-excellence ‘Box Energy‘ and two great tracks from an alias, Hot Hanas Hulu. More killer than filler – and better pressed than on Trax!




V/A STREETSOUNDSHIP HOP ELECTRO 21(UK, LP). Vinyl plays VG+ but – due to B1 – VG Minor wear, loss of laminate due to sticker and creases – VG and intact. B1 has static at start and there’s a couple of other signs of wear. Too many great tracks to single out although Sir Fresh‘s Sir-Vere is a stand-out with adept AKAI work on Jocelyn Brown‘s Somebody




V/A B-BOY SAMPLER‘ (UK, LP, BBOY1 ) Vinyl is VG+ as A has tiny minor marks on A1 and a little wear. B is NM as barely played and no marks. Sleeve is VG+. Close to NM but varied wear to edges, corners and spine.Worth a buy just for the JVC Force track, predating the smooth deadliness of Eric B. and Rakim’s ‘Mahogany‘.




V/A ‘BEAT STREET’ ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK LP. Plays VG+ although many minor marks. No hiss, static or clicks detected. Sleeve is G+/VG; Small thin sticker tear at right on front. Wear to middle of spine and a couple of creases on front and back. Intact. This is Hip Hop history. Period. Arthur Baker all over this with Breaker’s Revenge (that sums up New Order’s entire Confusion video in the Funhouse in three minutes.




V/A ‘METALHEADZ PRESENTS NO SMOKE WITHOUT FIRE‘ (3×12″ compilation) Vinyl is VG+.Sleeve is VG+MISSING E/F disc. There a are marks on A/B and a little static heard on B’s breaks; C is marked has signs of wear but plays NM. D plays the same. G has a couple of clicks in the first 24 bars but then it’s VG+ all the way.




4Hero COMBAT DANCIN’ 12” (UK, Reinforced, ASSULT 2). This is a great VG++. Looks and sounds lovely. Sleeve is VG only because a dingus put two stickers in the top left-hand corner over the ‘4’ in 4HERO otherwise VG+. It’s the riginal official release that absolutely slaughtered every conscious dancefloor in ’89: Original white sleeve with 4HERO and REINFORCED in blue letters at top and bottom.





LFO ‘LFO Remix (UK Warp 12″) Vinyl is VG: static in first five seconds, one hairline: A is VG+. B has two small skips at the very start of Mentok1: F (otherwise plays VG+). Quijard is VG+/NM. Original sleeve has top right corner crease; some squeezing near the spine and a slightly dinged bottom left-hand corner ding: VG.Forget the A, the B is where it’s at. Two examples of progressive house before that label existed: ‘Mentok1‘ is a caustic slow impaling squelcher whilst ‘Quijard‘ is a more direct, just as restrained handle on what Mr Fingers and Marshall Jefferson were working on. Severely underrated crew, LFO.





THE NIGHTWRITERS ‘Let the Music Use You’ (UK, ffrr 12″) Vinyl is VG/VG+. B leans towards VG whilst A is most definitely VG+. Original sleeve is very tired-looking: VG. CLASSIC CLASSIC CLASSIC CLASSIC CLASSIC CLASSIC CLASSIC





V/A ‘Paranoia EP’ (Renegade Hardware, 3 12″s) Vinyl is NM; Original sleeve is VG+ with wear at the edges. Dreadful artwork on the cover but Keaton‘s two-stepping track alone is worth the price of admission. Quality comp’n in stunning condition.



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Packaging Perfection

After buying vinyl on-line over the years (directly from stores or marketplaces), it’s obvious that it can be a ‘hit and miss’ affair in terms of how your ordered piece of plastic will be packaged – and thus how it will arrive on your doorstep.

This is what you don’t want to have to accept in the post and open up…


Recycled packaging; cardboard or card (!) as thick as Ryvita; no stiffeners; no protection for the corners… the seller may as well have frisbee’d it to you and at least saved you a few coins.


All vinyl sold through this site is shipped in robust Defenda Pack Twists mailers.


Be it local or overseas,  a single LP or numerous twelves, these mailers ensure neither the record or sleeve come anywhere near the exterior of the packaging.


This carries your vinyl and a guarantee that the contents are as they left the store.