Pen sketch (2019)

Shacked up and Cut-up: A Man Walks.

After ten times or so of tugging the door handle to his flat's front door to ensure he did perform that task successfully, and so that slip is taken off the pile, the ship-like corridor is walked and the once-polished stone steps practically jumped.

Herbs, money and Tyson: how Iron Mike reinvented himself in a budding economy

This is a slickly-written piece of coverage of why an enigmatic ex-con is fronting a frankly daffy business venture from the get-go.

Opinion: an Admirable Cartoon – which cost a Job – about a Golfer ignorant of Death and the ordinary Folk willing to face it

The golfer casually stands, resting his weight on his left hip in his straight-lined, tightly controlled world; in every way a whitened figure en-route to the hole. The ball is nowhere in sight.

Photo: Teenage kicks and 7″ worship

  Record: You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)', Sylvester's scream of a release. Approach: Biro on paper sleeve. Much use of Stars of David and the word 'funk'. The spirit of Bootsy (and being bored with school homework, possibly) lives large here.  Result: D.I.Y. fan culture is A.O.K.  

Comedy meets fascism: the struggle of Jamali Maddix and Vice in exposing extremism

Essex native Jamali Maddix keeps it real in his own way. He is a comedian of mixed-race heritage who mines the absurdity of various extremist groups through interaction and relatively gentle but persistent conversation. He's a large, affable guy with a bushy beard and a tat on show. Posted Insta pics show a lager in one hand, a vaping device in the other. Both his 'Hate Your Neighbour' series for Vice and his stand-up sets are garnering him fame throughout the UK, Europe and the States.