Three Fly Females (and a brother named Prince)

Sheila E and Sha-Rock have never shared a stage. Maybe the closest they came is an Indonesian bootleg tape of 'Purple Rain'. They're both survivors and living legends - fully deserving of a little more attention.  


News: At last it’s begun…

The world might not glimpse definite movement on the impeachment of Donald Trump until the 46th US President is sworn in and the 45th is out of the White House, leaving behind the protection of office and facing up to his crimes.

Three musical giants give lyrical lessons on the state of the world as it was – then & now – and it’s up to us to listen…

Marv, Q and Gil: the best friends a guy/gal could have.

Poem: Lanky Call-out of Outside Projects

Unbeknown to glibbing buyers, these back-to-back ploys are simply borne from a fundamental lack of smarts...

Interview from 2002: DJ Mixmaster Morris

He's one of a smaller-than-you-imagine band of universally respected and recognised DJs who've operated at the top of their game for over ten years.