Congolese Lady (2017)
Congolese Lady (2017). Watercolour on cartridge paper.
Bertie Bee.
Bertie Bee (2017). Ink on A2 paper. Based on my own photograph from 2002 at Turf Moor.


KD's DD's DD (2016)
KD’s DD’s D’s D (2016). Pencil sketch on cartridge paper.
Self-portrait (2019)
Self-portrait (2019). Acrylic on canvas. 33 x 30″



Acrylics on canvas. Pat Mellow 2018.
Florian Schneider from Kraftwerk. Gouache and arcylic on canvas.


Melodious Thunk (2018). Acrylic, dremel on chipboard.


Stevie W

Stevie Wonder (2017). Acrylic on cartridge.


Cassius. Mohammad. GOAT.


All those are just labels. We know that magic is magic.

2016 Pencil sketch of Mr. Ali.


NYC Sharonda (2017) by Pat Mellow
NYC Sharonda (2017). Ink, acrylic, watercolour on canvas.


Twig (2017), Pen and wash on cartridge paper.
Twig(2017). Pen and wash on cartridge paper.


Rebel in the Hill.
Pencil sketch of a hero of mine: Darcus Howe. I became aware of him from his appearances on Channel 4. It wasn’t Michael Grade or Greg Dyke in charge at the time, but Jeremy Isaacs, who did a great job, putting the broadcast remit first at a time when it was desperately needed. Howe was a necessary and erudite foghorn at a time when British society was only just waking up to the fact that anything other than the caucasian middle-class status quo effectively didn’t exist in the media. Always more articulate than the panel, DH was politely forcible.