Radio: Super Q FM pirate radio show in Dublin, 1996

I was still trying to get to grips with Dublin and Ireland when this show was recorded, having not long arrived in the capital, but the luxury of four hours on air was a pleasure to be had. There were no ads however the ropey jingles were just as annoying; the mentions of gigs at that time is a brief litany of long gone venues. In my few hazy memories, the studio was above a taxi rank – and near a pub? – and it was relatively plush and kitted out to a decent standard.

No idea how I came to be on the station, given a Tuesday and Thursday graveyard shift, but I remember sending in a tape to someone. Briefly, it was thought my first name was Joseph, and that I was Afro-Caribbean, for some unknown reasons.

The station had been going for some time and was dominated by house and techno. Its wanderings on the dial from frequency to frequency was noted here.

This 90 minute slice of that night’s show was a ‘harder’ than usual selection of music, which is made reference to on air, reminding me I’d come to Ireland from London, where I’d taken part in the Reclaim The Streets protest earlier that year in July. The sound of Bandulu on this mix reminds me of the sound system discreetly housed in a lorry parked on the hard shoulder of the Westway in Shepherds Bush, unveiled with glee once revellers had closed a section of the motorway for that afternoon before belching out ‘Fairy Dust‘ amongst its tunes.

Jungle or drum’n’bass, as it had become, still possessed a fierce hold of me although my first few days and months in Dublin were sound-tracked by house largely at the record shop I ran in the Abbey Mall (later to become the Epicurean food hall) on Middle Abbey Street. It originally lacked a name but Taking Care of Plastic was eventually adopted.

The shouts to friends and my then house mates takes me back in time – as uploading shows always do – to my mid-twenties and a city waiting to be discovered (once I finished playing records, sleeping on the studio floor and catching the bus back into town with Azrael). Hope you enjoy it.

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