Radio: Power FM show (February, 2001)

There was a foot and mouth scare in the country at the time but the Irish capital at the start of this century was busy enough with enough Celtic Tiger funds still swilling around.

Some memories from my diary that month: A friend came second in ‘Sonarstate’, a Sony-sponsored talent show/showcase at The Point, and was told by a well-known nightclub owner: I can get you a gig at Virgin [Records] where the deal will revolve around you as Bill Drummond.’

I was supposed to DJ with Saville, Blue States and Bent at the PoD on Harcourt St. but the gig was cancelled (there are gig timings for me supporting I Am Kloot and Bell XI a week later at the same venue but I’ve no memories of that whatsoever).


I was regularly DJing each week however at Capitol on Georges St on a Sunday, a night called Abhaile [fond memories of the late Sean Hand joining me one night], and several Fridays saw me supporting a 13(?)-piece band playing funk and disco covers, Global Funk Orchestra, every Friday at the Olympia on Dame Street [the band was managed by a sound yet nameless guy who also managed Rodrigo y Gabriela]. I neglected to bring the afro wig and flares and probably should have in retrospect.

I did attend this later that year –



– which had a great line-up for a birthday bash.

The Irish Film Centre had a Beckett season that month, which was enthralling, and I interviewed Roddy Doyle, who was lovely. I’ve kept hold of that memory of our chat rather than dwelling on the films I saw on preview at the Savoy on O’Connell St. and the Buena-Vista cinema in Fairview. Dude, Where’s My Car? (calculating and therefore unimaginative stoner comedy). Chocolat (Daily Express-type soft-focused foodie porn). Finding Forrester (Sean Connery‘s white professor mentors a ‘troubled’ black yoot). Hmmm…

For some reason, this was a late afternoon show, after Aoife Nic Canna’s Urban Soul show and before Mark Dixon of Phuturegroove. My rose-tinted glasses usually make me think of coming on after the Golden Maverick and before Dave Cleary, around lunch-time, but not this time.

[Tracks by St. Germain, Daft Punk, N*E*R*D, Phoenix, Alex Reece, Prisoner, The Fall, Macy Gray, Underground Resistance, Omni Trio, KAOS Theory, Cocteau Twins, Shea Seger, Moby, Firstborn, Terry Callier, Rae & Christian, Royal House, ?, Joe Gibbs and the Professionals and a car-crash of a mix at one point]

Not interested enough to listen? There were also adverts for the then newly-taken over Thomas House, The Pharcyde, the Isaac Butt, Movement at HQ, Ivy League, Cream Live album launch at The Point and Pegs on Kildare St.

During this month I found this on a lamp post, a sign that racist &%£s can be found anywhere.


As a RC lad from Coronation St. land, I never had any grief in Dublin – or anywhere else for that matter – but it still surprises me that racist $%&£s can be found anywhere. It’s far better to remember what myself, Scott Macnaughton and Ciara of the Globe produced later that year…



A shout out to Dara Lynch, and anyone else who tuned in to Power FM at the time, and to all of the other DJs who laboured for their love at that time and still now.

RIP Scott

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