No. 73 and the 12 Acts


So I don’t want to kill myself. Choose an adventure for me and click on the links – and then again – to see where I end up instead. Let me know if I make it?


Doubt over where, how and so on


So much    vinyl      left


Haven’t heard the new ACTQ LP


Sheila and Ken still need me


This art thing might have legs (not necessarily this one)


Probation would be annoyed


Can’t exit the world with Trump still on his golden throne


However the promised/predicted decline in soil fertility coupled with humanity’s need to waste resources does make me temporarily inclined to get rid of one or two


Don’t leave a fat corpse


Kizr Khan has to stop looking like Philip Larkin


Could keep in back pocket, so to speak


But is my decision.


No. 73 and the 12 Acts: I’m not #jeremydeller or #chrisoffili, but both had a bearing on this; it being a faithful transcript of my thoughts and how I felt five days after the most traumatic event in my life ended. This is the greatest but most honest risk of my life. And I’m not looking for sympathy. If I make you laugh, I’ll be happy.

                                                      Pat x


2 thoughts on “No. 73 and the 12 Acts

  1. I will choose an adventure. It is to sit down, have a cup of tea, and know that this feeling will pass. As intense and awful as it may be, it will pass. Please don’t choose anything right now, pick up the phone, reach out. Watch a movie, wrap yourself in a blanket. Read something, write. Breathe and keep breathing.


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