Poem: #june23thinterestingday


if there is a message to be divined

of where the rigging will take us near,

this Odyssean task means repeating

viewings of Ron Howard’s A Beautiful Mind


numbers will have to be broken

into a sense of soup. The resulting swirl

would call out the devils and maybe

whether the snake oil

still tastes sweet to those denying

an even break.


There is some necessary sparing here of

the exact theory used. It is not clear if you are

here to find if the Vatican kills young

people or whether the Bulls are to be castrated;


the letters entered into the grid in

order of their appearance are


W K C Q Z V.  Transmogrifying them

via the Truth Is Truth Seeker is a great

enabler for separating wheezes from chuffed, oh!


OJ, Lorde, Yemen slaughter,

Eazy E’s pneumonia and Charles’ grand-daughter.

Apple stock, insulin, Tampa’s got a winning team,

Nipsey Hussle blown away, USA all the way!


The rest of these revelations can be found

through the egress at only forty nine ninety nine.

Inside, well,  you can learn why Eliot avoided using

the name Kif Lusted in his work.

Believe in truth, seven two five. 77

equals GG Allin.



A poem based on five horrific minutes spent on a YouTube channel last Sunday which proclaimed Tiger Woods’ pleasing Masters victory was rigged. Both the channel creator and his acolytes trotted out a vast number of pathetic bullshit conspiracy theories seemingly born out of time spent in a sand pit, armed with a self-deliberated education.

Donald Trump’s initials are DT = 4th and 20th in the alphabet mean #potus45 is Jesus, watching over us all 24 hours a day (that’s my pastiche… it wasn’t on there, but it makes just as much sense as the others).

But people can do what they want, right, so long as no-one is hurt? This channel proclaims it makes uber dollars for its followers and who argues with the talking power of money in an age when the notion of a fact is as relevant as where a fart came from?

What made me bother to write the poem – and this – was going back to the channel and seeing in the channel’s chat hang-out a very casual mention of ‘JewTube’. There may have been more but one was enough, thanks.

Fuck knows why this roused me to make an effort (or three. I also reported the channel) – I’m not Jewish, I don’t consider myself to be ‘woke’, but nonetheless it did.

I know full well that very little produced nowadays by man is meant to help rather hinder. It’s snark and not sensitivity that’s welcomed. So if what’s typed here entertains you, I’m fine with that. I’ve set my success bar pretty low, you see. If this post makes you curious about this POS site, and you too report them to YouTube, all the better.

Posting and blogging is my only outlet of expression and means of self-worth; for that, I’m grateful. But the net and its behemoths, its YTs, Googles and Facebooks, need to get their shit in order.

And that comes from someone who got his shit in order.



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