The BKs


Deflating zeal was my only prop pony, nosing a route

on a journey on ahead: hip agus hop.
In your absence I bedded down the three of us, invited to invade

a most regular cause celebre – doughty daughter, nabob poet and

an Orhaned orphan – poking and pressing with her open

armed intellects… a back-up ball

plus a veiled rayed pubis.
Swiftly, exhale out.

Halt, clamber; shin down

that daubed brick.
Whatever you once thought precious was taken from you gradually.

Some had a hand in its varnish though some will point, accusing me,

as some were meant odd destinies while other siphoning scot-free.



© Pats Mellow 2019

3 thoughts on “The BKs

      1. And here I was thinking it was about burgers, multinational corporate filth, creating obesity in our population, and what it’s like living in the shadow of the Golden Arches (autocorrect even capitalises those words, I should check if the same happens when I write Donald trump…).

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