Appreciation, enjoyment, fostering a spirit of togetherness and understanding. And food.

Hi, asalaam alekium, vilkommen, bonjour. I hope you enjoy your visit here. Although I do use other people’s photos from Google and sometimes don’t credit them – shame on me – everything else you see here is my work. The art, the thoughts, the poems (and some of the pics…) and the rest are my endeavours to stay sane (?) and be myself. For the first time in a very, very long time I do not work full-time or part-time at a job which I might hate but tolerate as much of the world does. It’s not for want of trying but while this situation continues, I remain skint. Broke, financially bereft, knackered regarding money. If you do find that your visit here was worthwhile in some sense of the word, could you consider making a small donation to enable me to continue in the same vein? Due to the impending cost of my further going into debt with a return to academia next month, this site will likely be a casualty of the battle to stay housed and warm whilst I study. I can arrange to wash your dishes (send in a sturdy box with a stamped envelope) or walk your dog or even write something inspired by you in gratidunal return. Yes, that’s a made-up word. Any subsequent piece of patron-ised writing will be weak and might be dashed off between research and re-drafting poems, but it’s the thought that counts, right? No, it will be an opus; a magnum of soliloquies attesting to your brilliance/bravado/shiny hair. Anyway, think it over, please. Thanks. Allah hafiz and love, Pat x




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